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   Land Animal Spirits 

Land Spirit Animals are connected with being intuitive and aware. These animals represent being grounded mentally and physically.

Aardvark (Anteater) -- Ability to find lost objects, connection to the insect world, can smell out trouble before seeing it, slow-moving old biddy, cannot help sticking its nose where others don't want it

Antechinus -- Sacrificing health for children. Jealousy and violence. Relationship troubles. Abuse and assault. Destruction and creation. Death and birth. Placing too much importance on sex.

Antelope -- Strong survival skills and mental adaptability. Ability to leap over obstacles. Jumpy and easily startled. Knowing when a situation does not smell right, benefits of aroma therapy (see also: 'Pronghorn')

Ape ,(general) ---Effective use of the voice, willing and able to communicate, communication through gesture and expression. Imagination and extended childhood. Problem-solving, wisdom, survival, inspiration. Loyalty, leadership, compassion, intelligence, dignity, strength, responsibility, nurturing, connectivity. Nobility and honor. Temperance, understanding and compassion. Symbolizes the need to take action.

Armadillo -- Carrying personal protection. Understanding boundaries and respecting boundaries of others. Knowing bad spirits and bad situations. Assists others in finding their soul song

Baboon -- Four baboons stand in the Hall of Judgment, listening to the appeals of the departed; the baboon is a counselor and mediator of the Egyptian gods who assists in the judgment of souls bound for the underworld. The baboon was connected to the profession of the scribes and to divine measurement. (The baboon is sacred to the God of Wisdom-"Thoth"-and was also admired in Egypt for its sexual lustiness and baboon feces were an ingredient in ancient aphrodisiacs) As an animal totem the baboon represents appeals to judgment, defense of the family, old world traditions and values and hierarchical domination through vocal assailment.

Badger -- A keeper of stories with Earth knowledge and wisdom. It is a call to persevere and see things through to completion. Associated with having the courage to face danger and fight regardless of size and strength of the other. The badger as your familiar.will help you to fight for your rights. Shape shifting quality: the badger is small, but can still defend itself against larger animals by backing itself into a hole or corner so the back of its body is protected. The badger is self interested and does not relate well to others. A remorseless attacker, when encountering a badger do not be surprised at the seeming cruelty and viciousness of its attack and its lack of concern for its victim feelings afterwards, that is just its nature.

Bandicoot -- (The Gentle Shadow) Earth magic, sand magic. Coastal desert knowledge. Knows the "secrets of the scrubland". The quiet existence./Severing ties with kin.

Bat -- An unjustly maligned and demonized creature of the night. The bat is a symbol of initiation into,mystical practices, of shamanic experience and of embracing the magic of the night.iAble to observe unseen, it is a finder of hidden messages and an augury of divination. Rhythmically maneuverable in flight,,it is a ritual dancer of a shamanic dance of the sacred geometry. In Western countries, bats are symbols of desolation and the underworld, primarily because in the Medieval Europe mind they could not be classified as any known animal and this was seen as a violation of God's law. However in China bats bring good luck and happiness. In fact, the Chinese word fu means either bat or blessings. Fear of bats is fear of the shadows. Bats teach you to face your fears. They navigate through dark places with their echolocation. Bats can be your guides through the known places of your fears.

Flying Fox -- (A species of fruit bat found chiefly on the islands of the Malay-Indonesia archipelago.) Fruit and flower magic. Nutrition. Diet. Health and fitness. Creating nature. Wind and air magic. Celebrating the night. Community and social structure. Know your community role. Fitting in. Belonging. Finding your place.

Bear ---The Bear was one of the first animals to be revered by humans, as the Primal Mother as represented by the Goddess Artemis. Many Native American cultures believe that the Great Spirit lives through the bear and that it is a creature of the dreams of shamans and mystics. The bear is highly protective of its charges and the most dangerous animal in the woods is a bear mother protecting her cubs. Hibernating during the winter months the bear knows instinctively the times to be quiet and the times to be active. Bear medicine teaches us introspection that aides in the understanding of life's lessons and in the discovery that we have the answers to all questions within us. Do not be too quick to anger nor too sure of your own power for that may lead to a lack of caution. Understand that you sometimes need to be alone in order to reflect on life's journey. Native American Totem Animal for "Virgo"

Black Bear -- Distinctly American, growing up quickly, shy and secretive, enjoying the mountain solitude

Brown Bear--- Can smell out what they seek, will eat whatever is put in front of them, fairness, curiosity, leadership

Grizzly Bear -- A healer. Stability, tenacity, introspection. Maturity and leadership. Raw power and the necessity of self-control.

Himalayan Brown Bear -- A strong connection to 'primitive man' energies, man-bear, carrying bear energy inside of you, instead of around you, a connection to the supernatural, Staying grounded, realism, introspection, curiosity, strength.

Polar Bear--- Dream guide of shamans and mystics. Powerful and wise, intelligent and fearless, expert swimmer through emotional waters, the most aggressive of all bears

Sprit Bear--- (The white "Spirit" or "Kermode" Bear is a genetic variation of the black bear that roams throughout British Columbia. It is "NOT" a Polar Bear) The "Spirit Bear" is a symbol of hope

Bearcat -- Solitude, defense of personal space, ability to see in darkness, communicate by alternate means

Beaver -- Builders of Dreams, masters of the skills of ancient masonry, engineers who alter the environment, being productive in multiple ways by not limiting their options. Beaver can show how to achieve by building with the necessary resources that are available to you. Teaches lessons of breath for health, persistence and durability, balancer of emotions and good dental hygiene. The beaver likes structure and teamwork, working with the group instead of against it. Beaver is aistory teller, teaching you to live your dream. Native American Totem Animal for "Taurus". Beaver is the grand totem of Canada.

Bighorn Sheep ---The "battering ram". With its massive horns and itssure footed hooves, the bighorn sheep is a true martial artist; agile on its feet and able to deliver a powerful blow. New beginnings, creativity, energy and endurance, defend your territory

Bilby ---The lessons of love and fear and the courage to learn these lessons. Living in temporary homes for as long as there is opportunity there and moving on. Sitting down to rest instead of lying down to sleep.

Bison (American Buffalo),-- Totem of Prayer and Abundance. The symbol of sacred life and prosperity. The Buffalo Spirit calls you to seek a deep connection to Mother Earth. Buffalo Spirit will bestow you with strength of character and a free, independent spirit. It summons you to walk the sacred path and be grounded to Earth. The Buffalo brings the gift of life to others by sacrificing its own. x(Meat for food and hides for clothing and shelter.) The Spirit of the Buffalo teaches that true prosperity comes only when you are grateful for what you have. You will achieve nothing without the help of the Great Spirit and you must be humble enough to ask for this help and then be grateful for the help you are given. (see also: 'Buffalo')

White Buffalo (White Bison)-i-- Feminine courage, knowledge, prophecy. need to care for the tribe, the White Buffalo is a rare and sacred animal

Black Panther -- The black panther is endowed with great magic and its power is the Moon. A very ancient and powerful spirit guide who holds the secrets of unseen worlds. They represent the power of the night and come to welcome the darkness and rouse the light within it. They possess acute sensitivity and their unblinking eyes stare through the body to see into the soul. The panther represents hidden emotions, silent thought and sensuality in embracing sexuality. They hold the teachings of quick decisive action and following your passion. The panther brings guardian energy to those for whom it comes.

Boar--- Power animal of warriors. Represents male virtues of bravery, nobility and fierceness in battle. Can help to balance out male energy and ground the more virtuous aspects of the masculine nature

Bobcat--- Has spiritual force residing within them. Solitary in nature they will often carry the burden. Manifestation of power and control

Buffalo-(see also: 'Bison/American Buffalo')

Water (Swamp) Buffalo -- Ferocious in the wild, placid and easily led in domesticity. Large groups in youth and later solitary old men. Will come running when their children cry. (Nature scientists want to see the wild water buffalo exterminated for being a supposed threat to the eco-system) Trying to let go of burden. Personal crosses. Being a burden to others. Being hunted. Feeling unwelcome. Being out of place. Knowing when you don't belong. Wetland energy.

European Buffalo/Winsent -- Possessing great strength. Living in harmony with all creatures. Connecting with the past and its meaning to life now.

Bull--- Nourishment through its slaughter or sacrifice. Insight into the past. The ability to stand your ground. Element of the Sun and fatherhood, chief god of the 'Minoans' and symbol of the Egyptian god Osiris

Steer -- Fertility of thoughts, ideas, possessions, makes the mundane and earthy more fertile, new ideas need to be expressed, teaches stability. May demonstrate the necessity for a balance diet. Steer will teach how to adapt and make any changes you are needing to make.  

Bush Baby (Night Monkey / Galago) -- The bush baby’s medicine includes: The ability to see in darkness and quick movement, with an ability to adapt to its territory and the proper use of that territory. 

Camel--- The ability to remain positive in times of having little to go on. The appearance of a camel can signify hard times ahead, but you have reservoirs of internal energy that you can tap. Camel acts as a connection to desert energy and magic. Deserts often have pools of energy, or oases of energy located across them. Finding these places in the desert can take time and skill, but camel has a natural dowsing instinct for finding such energy places in the ground. You may suffer from unusual sleep habits, rarely sleeping through the night and need a nap to compensate, but keep going and complete the journey.

Capybara,-- (the world's biggest rodent) Being highly social and gregarious. A male dominated family or group. A love of swimming and being at home in the water. Being able to smellout trouble ahead or behind.

Caribou-(Reindeer) -- Protection of the traveler. Mobile and can adapt to new surroundings. Prefers to keep moving and have freedom. Ability to go long distances in the dark. Retaining personal power within groups. Connection to home while wandering over long distances, protection, ability to go long periods in the dark

Cat (general) -- The Great Teacher of Magic and Mystery; the cat lives totally in the moment with a deep psychic and spiritual awareness. Independent and unpredictable, agile of body and mind, a free thinker that meets challenges by perceiving the unseen.-(One cannot own a cat; the cat will give and receive love only on its own terms) At home in the dark of the night it is a valuable ally when encountering the supernatural and facing your primal fears. As the cats energy field flows opposite that of humans it has the healing ability to neutralize your negative energies. (The healing energy cannot be taken from the cat, it is only given as a gift.)-The cat teaches that the physical and spiritual worlds are not separate, but one. In ancient Egypt cats stood guard at the temple gates and throughout history cats have been seen asthe protectors of the pathways to the sacred mysteries. (The Egyptian goddess-'Bastet'-takes the form of a cat. The Norse goddess 'Freyja' rides a chariot pulled by two cats) Note the colors and characteristics of your cat for that shall be mirrored in your life and will help you to understand the mysteries that your cat will reveal. (The cat's karmic sacrifice is being the victim of kick the cat.) Cat Spirit often brings the warning of being the recipient of misdirected anger. -

Cats in the home often serve the role of healer and will sit near anyone in the household who needs healing, speeding the recovery period. A cat's purring can help reduce his owner's stress or anxieties. Cat purring can ease discomforts such as stomach pain, and also help boost immune systems. It is also important to pay attention to the health of your cat. Cats will often take on the symptoms of ailments being suffered by their humans. When this happens, appreciate their talents as diagnosticians, so take heed. Get your cat to the vet AND make an appointment for yourself to have a health checkup.

Kitten -- Innocence of character, may indicate a feeling of helplessness with others in a situation

Feral Cat -- A feral cat as a totem can indicate the wild nature of your personality. A feral cat messenger could be signaling caution, reminding you to be wary of anyone who tries to come near you who you don't know very well. Colonial living, tribal hunting and gathering, communal responsibility, "it takes a village..."

Black Cat -- The classic familiar of traditional witches,who, it was said, could shape-shift into a cat nine times. Intuitive dreams, ritual magick

Calico Cat -- Patterns of color, ladies choice, guide to the realm of the feminine mysteries

Maine Coon Cat -- A breed of naturals, slow developer, likes to tag along, shakes off a soaking, "Snowshoe"

Manx Cat -- Intelligent and playful, often exhibits bizarre behavior, a late bloomer, "Stumpy"

Siamese Cat -- Talker, affectionate but demanding, the royal family of the cat world, "the story is in the eyes"

White Cat -- A reminder that frequent sunburns may lead to skin cancer and can indicate hearing problems; there may be a need to check for these conditions. (Legend says that a white cat is a sign of good luck in the day, but its appearance at night may be a harbinger of ill. Another legend says that a white cat sitting on the doorstep just before a wedding is a sign of a happy marriage.)

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