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Cheetah--- Swiftness, agility, keen sight. Intense focus for short periods of time. Learn to rest when under stress and respond quickly to opportunities. Keep your eyes on the prize and fulfill your goals with speed and focus. The magic of the cheetah will accelerate time.

Chimpanzee -- Intelligence, language and inventive problem solving. Understanding the complexity of society. Connection to the forest spirits. Patrolling boundaries and fighting with neighbors. A nasty temper.

Chinchilla,-- Effective communication, exploring, sitting high up to observe the world below, a warning to eliminate toxins from the body. The chinchilla is a harbinger, pay attention to the advice it brings. Though they hold a variety of messages, one thing is for sure, if they come into your life there is bound to be something out of balance that needs correcting right away. 

Chipmunki-- The messenger of many realms. Curious and inquisitive they explore everything that comes into their lives; there is no detail that goes unnoticed. They do what they want to do in their own time and will not tolerate being told what to do. Running about; first in one direction and circling back to where they started from. (Don't get over-excited or you will forget what you set out to do.) The chipmunk is content to live under your porch or near stone foundations for warmth and protection from the elements, joyously singing in a chorus when gathered together. Chipmunks are nut gatherers, creating a stash for cold winter days. When the chipmunk visits this may indicate it is time to tighten your spending habits, allotting more funds into your savings account. If you have a chipmunk or family of chipmunks living in your yard you are likely to be blessed with abundance and can also signify a need for planning for the future. Learn to carry your nutrition with you, keep new projects secret and always have more than one exit.

Coatimundi,-- Sociable and gregarious. Maternally inclined females and males with behavioral problems around children. Groups of single mothers. The men only come around for one thing.

Cougar--- A lesson in the wise use of leadership power and knowing in leadership the responsibility of truth. A quest for confidence and strength by finding the best in yourself. Can be quick to anger and slow to forgive. A totem to invoke when protection is needed.

Cow--- Connection to the Great Mother and to the goddess of fertility, (Isis). The cow is symbolic of the maternal instinct to nurture and care for others by performing both a duty (milk) and a sacrifice (meat). The cow is representative of the Elements of the Moon

Coyote (The Trickster) -- A mixture of wise sage and foolish prankster. Coyote brings lessons that are crucial to growth and change; yet the lesson is contained within a grand joke that Coyote plays. His lessons are taught through the humor and wisdom found within each trick he plays; for those Coyote comes to teach are often the most unwilling to learn. Playful and mischievous, yet capable of deep contemplation and introspection.-Coyote understands that all things are sacred and nothing is sacred, teaching us that only when all illusions have fallen away will we connect with the source. Do not be discouraged and give up.-Coyote is very adaptable so keep going and keep the faith. Coyote will be a mate for life.

Cuscus -- A sense of calm instead of lethargy. Slow, purposeful steps lead to a long, safe and meaningful journey.

Deer--- Understanding emotions, understanding the physical and the spiritual, the connection of heart and soul. The power of gently inspiring others by touching them without pushing them to change. (When a large herd of deer move during the day-they will be in sight of each other, yet spread out.-As night falls the deer will form into single file, nose to tail and move together by following the white tail that is in front of them.) Trust your instincts to lead you, yet know when it is time to follow. Native American Totem Animal for "Gemini"

Stag -- Lord of the forest, masculine power of regeneration, giver of bounty, beauty and mystical signs, fights when cornered but prefers to run away. The antlers of the stag have long been a symbol of worship and are associated directly with the fertility of the God. The pagan Horned God, in his many incarnations, often appears wearing a headdress of antlers or in some depictions, the horns grow directly from his head. In some Pagan paths, there is a correlation between the shape of a pair of horns and the crescent moon. The image of a stag with a full moon between his antlers represents both the male (the antlers) and the female (the moon) aspects of the Divine.

Most people know, from popular literature of the importance of the bison or buffalo to the daily existence Native American peoples, but the more common and useful,,animal was the deer. While the buffalo provided meat and heavy robes to help sustain life they were mainly limited to the tribal lands of the Plains Indians. The more universally found deer provided a cornucopia of items to the hunter. Besides the good meat and strong skins an amazing number tools came from the deer. The lower leg bone, for example, has been called by some nature's Swiss Army Knife. The thick and sturdy bone can be used for an almost unlimited number of tools. These include knife handles, hide scraping tools, hairpins, fishhooks, games, flutes, decorations and sewing needles. The deer in fact provides an entire sewing kit with bone awl and sewing needles and sinew for thread. The deer was, to the ancient peoples, a true gift from the Creator.

Dog- (general) -- Faithful, inner loyalty to a fault, unconditional love, fast friend, able to smell out trouble, guardian of the underworld, protector of the Goddess, serving humanity as a "conscript". A study of the breed and its purpose will help to define the energy it represents.

Feral Dogx(also known as"primitive" or,*"pariah" dog)- Its Spirit Animal message imparts a releasing of the conditioned ego and a return to the primal id. A Feral Dog is a dog that has returned to the wild and with each successive generation has reverted from its domesticated state to a DNA structure resembling that of its primitive ancestors. The feral dog is returning to its original genetic code after having been selectively and anomalously bred in captivity. This animal is considered to be a genetic "throwback", that scientists do not recognize it as a species and they are calling for its extermination as a supposed "threat" to the ecosystem.- However this animal is "labeled", it exists in the wild and it is a part of both the natural and spiritual environs.- It is reawakening to its original nature and returning home to the environment from which it was taken.

Aboriginal Dog --x(Dingo, African Painted Dog, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Aso, Singing Dog,-Wild Dog,-Bush Dog) ,Duality, intuition, living in balance and harmony within all realms of existence, adapting a behavior to harmonize with the reality in which you live, a master at shape shifting and being invisible, Being torn between two worlds, dividing up different sets of instincts, being able to believe two things at once, struggling with duality, balance, versatility, being skilled at many different things.ability to remain unique and maintain individualism, finding the truth and understanding the persecution that this truth may bring, a reborn soul. While feral dogs are by definition pariah dogs, "pariah" type aboriginal dogs are not necessarily feral. This designation is used by scientists to refer to wild dog populations which have not been domesticated, as well as recognized dog-species with pariah dog heritage

Difficulties exist when looking to the domestic dog as an Animal Totem. Most have been bred-to produce some-accented appearance or behavior, thus creating a genetically muddled animal. Many of these dogs are mentally and spiritually "confused" about their identity as they may be trapped somewhere between their original nature and their artificially bred persona. Be aware that often times these animals may feel "lost" and be looking to you for guidance. When a sheep dog has been bred, generation after generation, to herd sheep and it finds itself living in a city apartment, it may feel misplaced and without a purpose. It may want and need your help to find a job it can do to give its life meaning.

Puppy -- Signifies devotion to someone or something. Some way in which loyalty or devotion is being tested.

Beagle -- A sympathy seeking friend

Black Dog -- English folklore has a legend of the black dog, a beast whose appearance presages doom, death, or despair. There is also a legend of a benevolent black dog, who appears to guide travelers to a safe haven.

Bulldog -- Persistence and tenacity. Solitary defiance

Chihuahua -- Do not underestimate the power or abilities of the other person in a situation

Cocker Spaniel -- Companionship, a faithful friend, good associations

Collie -- A faithful friend. Something is blocking your spiritual path

Dachshund -- Be cautious against the tendency to make physical aspects of oneself too important, a high interest in materialism

Dalmatian -- A traveling companion, since they are black and white can represent the right and wrong of a situation, the positive and negative sides, the faithful and unfaithful

German Shepherd -- A helpful friend or condition; except if dog is threatening then it is a symbol of enforced obedience

Greyhound -- Fidelity, vigilance, majesty, courage, and swiftness. A symbol of pride and nobility

Husky / Malamute -- Inner strength and guidance. The ability to pull together as a team when guided by a determined leader.

Irish Setter -- Nervousness and lack of focus on a situation

Mastiff -- Mastiff teaches us how to go out and do what needs doing and make the kill

Poodle -- Bred for fashion. Human games, social graces and expectations

Retriever -- Fetchers bring a sharp focus to the household on what is being brought or bought. The focus is on getting things and bringing them home

Saint Bernard -- A helpful friend and guide

Sheep Dog -- Keeping the group together for its own good

Terrier -- Focused determination and getting something accomplished no matter what obstacles come in the way

Whippet -- A nervous type, needs soothing and comfort, be you aware of nerves and stress. A very high level of sensitivity

White Dog -- Believed by Native Americans to represent the Great Spirit and is a symbol of purity, life, and renewal

Donkey-(Ass) -- Stubbornness, refusing to move when you know it isn't right , saying "no" to others, ignoring others opinions. Sacred animal of the goddess Vesta

Echidna--- An ancient creature with a unique and well developed brain, detecting subtle electrical impulses originating from the Earth, ability to communicate with the spirit

Elephant--- Long life, doesn't listen to insults, learns much by watching, strong but peaceful, acute awareness, ability to remember long lost friends, unbelievably great swimmer, resolve to overcome obstacles

Elk--- Keeper of the Forest. Pride, beauty, ageless wisdom, stamina, strength and nobility. Elk have tremendous stamina and can run for a very long time. They are unpredictable, passive one moment and aggressive the next. Elk can sense danger the moment it arrives and can teach us how to become more observant of subtle energies. Elk never graze at night. An attacked herd will bolt in all directions so as to confuse a predator. The art of survival is part of its teachings. If Elk medicine is fully developed a strong self image is expressed.

Ermine--- The judicial office is invested with ermine. The Ermine is acutely sensitive as to its own cleanliness and it becomes paralyzed and powerless at the slightest touch of defilement upon its snow-white fur. A like sensibility should belong to him who comes to exercise the august functions of a judge. In Native American tradition, the addition of ermine skin to a war bonnet was the highest honor, signifying not only bravery in battle, but being gentle at home, a friend and a brother.

Ferret--- Highly focused and with sharp intuition and keen observation. Very skillful tunnel hunters linking them to the underworld where the secrets of creation are kept. Happy and playful, curious and gentle, opportunists that will steal anything they can drag away and hide it in a safe place to be used at a later date.

Fox -- The Fox is seen as a sacred animal throughout the world. The fox is the cunning and stealthy messenger of the gods and the magical guide to the world between time and space often shape shifting on the journey, (sometimes into human form). The fox lives in the "In-between Time" on the edge of dusk and dawn and can guide the way into the Spiritual Realm. There are many species of fox, but they all share the cleverness and cunning from which comes the expression, "sly as a fox." For the fox learning to be invisible is an important skill in life. The fox shows how to develop the arts of camouflage, invisibility, and shape shifting. The fox teaches how to be unpredictable by mastering the ability of blending unseen into the surroundings. A creature of the night it is imbued with supernatural powers and is a totem of healing of body, mind and spirit. A basic lesson fox offers is to stay clear of complications, rather than getting involved in controversies, step back and observe differences from a distance. It is likely you do not need to take sides. The fox takes a neutral stand when he is not being threatened. The fox runs from trouble, preferring not to get in the mix of conflicts.

Arctic Fox--- Benefits coming from a different colored wardrobe for each season. (An arctic fox will sometimes tease a polar bear by darting in to nip at its heels in hopes of distracting it from its prey.) Playing a dangerous game.

Fennec Fox--- Amazing what you can hear when you take the time to listen, retaining fluids

Gray Fox -- Represents shape shifting, being invisible and the female magick of camouflage. Gray Fox's power cycle is dawn, dusk and at night. A long positive history of magick. A symbol of good luck

Red Fox--- Associated with the female in folktales and legends. Sexual energy and the freeing of the creative force. For a woman it is a sign to bring home and children back into focus. A winter spirit.

Gazellei-- Speed, agility, beauty, grace, vertical movement, ability to maneuver. Awareness and skill discovering and exploring the unknown.

Gerbil -- Represents aspects of life that are small comforts

Giraffe--- The gift of foresight. Seeing over the crowd to what the future holds on the horizon. Having your feet firmly planted on the ground but your head in the air. A link to the higher and lower worlds. Silently reflect on what you hear and what you say.

Gnu (Wildebeest) -- The ability to know when to act and when to retreat, shape shifting, altering perceived realities, using body language in a variety of ways

Goat -- Awareness of new heights and the willingness to work to get to the top, a knack for getting off on the wrong foot with people, always getting into complicated predicaments, insecure and a need to be loved, pessimistic and anxious, prone to laziness and day dreaming

Gopher -- Understands the necessity for being prepared. Gopher knows what lies beneath the surface of any situation and can show us how to uncover hidden truths.

Gorilla--- Powerful, compassionate and wise, inner sadness, an emotional self, taking care of one another, represents those who keep peace through aggression, working with the deaf

Groundhog (Woodchuck) -- Connection to seasonal changes and understanding the power of cycles, the ability to hibernate (sleep) during hard times, the ability to go underground when trouble arises. The groundhog is symbolically known as being a trance dreamer because of its deep slumber while hibernating underground. If the groundhog is your personal animal totem or makes its appearance in your life it may indicate that messages are being given to you through your dreams.

Guinea Pig -- Gentleness, humane treatment of others, responsibility

Hamster -- Bringing like minded together, a time to explore new possibilities, a time for communal spirituality

Hare -- (see under: 'Rabbit')

Hedgehog----Symbol of the "Wisdom of the Female Elder". Basically gentle and non-aggressive the hedgehog shows how to be gentle, yet protective at the same time. A natural affinity to earth allows them to hear its voice clearly and teaches the need to pay close attention to what you hear. The hedgehog knows the secrets that lie beneath the surface and can teach how to uncover hidden knowledge and wisdom. Avoid all things that lead to chaos and protect and defend the truth.

Hippopotamus-i-- Amphibious, an innate ability to know what lies beneath the surface of any situation, speaks and sees truth and demands that others do the same

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