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Horse ---Symbol of freedom and of the wind. No other animal has given Man the freedom of mobility like the horse.-The horse gives the promise of speed and adventure. The horse is the symbol of true power and this power should not be used in a negative manner. Powerful and rebellious, hot blooded and hot headed, horse spirit has power within that is sometimes hard to control. Needing love and intimacy yet also feeling trapped by it. Leaving home early yet having a hard time belonging elsewhere. Very self-interested yet its work benefits others, the horseishowsimany contradictions in character.

Brumby-(Australian Wild Horse) ---Spiritual journeys. Guiding and guardianship. Overcoming obstacles. Endurance. Stamina. Energy. Healing and guiding others. A powerful ally. Possible danger. Wildness. The wild spirit.

Pony (Miniature Horse) -- Magical wish granters. Discovering the power to make wishes come true.

Hyena--- The custodian of the Savannah, who cleans up whatever is lying around waiting for the leftovers instead of being the aggressor in a situation. Hyena has a lack of seriousness and a vicious nature, laughing at the absurdity of life. Hyena knows the secrets of the wild and shows discernment, knowing what smells right and what doesn't. Communication is important to the hyena and it teaches the need to choose words carefully. The hyena knows its power for success lies within the group. (Many cultures, including those in Africa, have historically viewed the hyena negatively, associating them with gluttony, uncleanliness and cowardice. Part of their bad reputation comes from the hyena's tendency to scavenge graves for food. They are one of the few creatures naturally suited for this, due to their ability to devour and digest every part of a carcass, including bone.)

Jackal -- Mates sharing joint responsibility for protecting the home and raising the children. The important role of "family" in raising children. (Jackal pups will remain with the parents to help raise the next litter.) Reputation denotes a predatory nature but you may have misjudged them and misjudged other people and things as well.

Jackrabbit -- (see under: 'Rabbit')

Jaguar--- Embodies aggressiveness and power and the ability to do a variety of tasks at the same time. Symbolizes one often drawn to other solitary creatures. Jaguar's medicine includes seeing the roads within chaos and understanding the patterns of chaos, moving without fear in the darkness, moving in unknown places, shape shifting, psychic vision, facilitating soul work, empowering oneself, reclaiming power.

Kangaroo--- Kangaroo comes into your life to tell you that even though situations look grim, or support may be sparse, you possess all the qualities to be a warrior and fight for what is necessary in order to nourish you. Protection of the young, creating a safe environment, leaping from bad situations, kangaroo only moves forward and never backwards

Grey Kangaroo -- (Urban Warrior ) Fertility and simplicity. Plant and Herb wisdom. An urban connection to Native wisdom and pastures, meadows, and plains. Co-operation with the family and it's hierarchy.The multi-tasking mother

Red Kangaroo--- (Desert Warrior) Desert wisdom and the endurance to survive in harsh climates. Assessing obstacles instinctively. Postponing childbirth

Tree Kangaroo -- Seeing the "Big Picture" by observing life. Energy work andbreath-work. Communicating lightly (through whispering or quiet words), Multi-tasking at your own pace, learning from little (a word or shape, instead of having something explained in detail). Power in the spirit-world.

Kinkajous,-- Curious and with a love to explore things, fascinated by the mysteries of life and often find themselves in unusual situations, if treated gently they will return the favor. (Some cultures believe that the kinkajou is able to predict upcoming earth changes because of its ability to hear sound waves and to feel subtle vibrations moving through the Earth's crust)

Koala--- Having a unique fingerprint. Climb over obstacles, value slow movement. Having the ability to hold on and having empathy for others. Koala energy is the embodiment of positive laziness, of taking a day off to literally do nothing, and to appreciate the value of doing just that. Koala energy, when embraced fully, can help us to sleep well, meditate more thoroughly and most importantly; conserve energy.

Lemming -- Leeming teaches us to examine our life's lessons, utilizes surrounding resources, shows us free thinking and demonstrates courage, solitary in nature with population booms. Lemming teaches how to balance and manage our personal time with others.

Lemur -- "Spirits of the Night". The ability to access the knowledge of the forests, seeing the unseen, remaining above the fray, ability to navigate through the forest, ability to grasp concepts above the din of life

Leopard--- Aggressiveness, stealth and power, the ability to stalk, the ability to communicate with other dimensions, cunning and successful. Benefit by imitating the leopard in its movements. Any form of dance, tai chi or rhythmic practice would be beneficial. Because the leopard is a strong and powerful leaper it can show us how to leap over obstacles efficiently and gracefully. They are masters at negotiating their environment and will continually serve to encourage that skill in those who hold this totem.

Snow Leopard -- The power of silence, learning to use power wisely and effectively, stalk your dreams

Lion----Symbol of the Sun, the female as the hunter and the power of Diana the Huntress, life lessons involving living in groups and working cooperatively, respecting the position of others in the group, learning to let go of anger and jealousy, avoiding confrontation and fighting only when necessary, good parenting skills, caring for the young with patience and gentleness, the women doing all the work while the men lay around looking majestic

Asiatic Lion -- Exorcism and banishment, female bonding, sisterhood, protecting your territory, being very capable of eliminating what you don't want in your life, transformation, feeling threatened by others, beware of becoming too insular or withdrawn, removal of unwanted energies, cleansing and smudging.

Llama--- The Llama carries the weight of the world upon its shoulders. Intelligent and curious it adapts and perseveres in all situations. If treated unfairly it can become stubborn and willful. When a Llama appears it is a symbol of secure footing and a message to climb slowly and carefully; do not rush into things and risk falling. The Llama brings the energies of hard work, responsibility and endurance. It calls for perseverance when the going gets tough and teaches lessons involving service and sacrifice. The message of the Llama is a reminder that it takes effort and hard work to accomplish your dreams. Llamas show how to develop patience, persistence and balanced action. (Llamas do not have a heat cycle and can breed at any time of the year. Those who do not want unexpected pregnancies should take extra birth control precautions.)

Lynxi-- Seer of the unseen. Understanding spiritual mystery. Master of invisibility. Knowledge above superstition. Perception and protection on all levels. Seduction through eye contact. Manipulation of time & space in other worlds. A knower of secrets. If Lynx makes its presence known you are misinformed about something; use discernment and trust your instincts

Marmoset--- Cooperative care of home and family, sharing, suppression of sexual urgings

Meerkat--- Maternal nurturing, caretaking, watchfulness, ability to live communally, sacrifice for the good of the group

Mink--- Bold, ferocious and virtually untamable. Ingenuity and gracefulness, solitary and silent. Slaughtered and used by others to merely enhance their appearance

Mole--- Solitary guardian of the lower regions, sensitivity to touch and vibrations, knowledge of roots and other hidden bounties.("Grandmother Mole has no physical eyes, but sees with spiritual eyes")

Marsupial Mole--- Diving below the surface and seeking sand wisdom in the heart of the desert. Using your senses wisely. Believing what you feel and not what you see. Confirmation of your beliefs. Let go of doubt, it is doing nothing for you.

Shrew Mole -- Understanding the outer and inner darkness, shadow-worlds, seeing great wisdom in the dark, the underworlds and middle worlds, not being as dark or melancholy as you first appear, sleeplessness and insomnia, needing to 'mole' about something (taking time to find answers), psychic and magical ability, psychometry, true and false, sometimes finding it difficult to see the light side of something, hunting for treasure.

Moonrat -- Symbolizes one of whom little is known and who shines in the reflected light of others. (A Moonlight Maiden)

Mongoose--- Harmless looking yet brave fighter, the only animal that would risk life and limb for a loved one and will defend them at great cost, the mongoose can build up immunity to other's venom. The mongoose is renowned throughout the Indian sub-continent as a fierce fighter of deadly snakes. In Hindu mythology, Kundalini is a snake goddess who lies asleep at the base of the spine and she represents the unfolding of the divine Shakti energy, the energizing potential of life itself. The appearance of the mongoose may indicate a struggle within you or another with the Kundalini energy, which may have sexual overtones.

Monkey (general) -- Perseverance, focus and fluid movement, stability and sure footedness to maintain balance, "expect the unexpected". A master at shape shifting realities it prompts us to explore all aspects of who we are and who we choose to become. By learning from the monkey and applying its skills of power, grace and observation, foundations are created that give birth to our choices. Eventually these choices will manifest in our lives so if monkey is your totem be careful of what you choose.

Snow Monkey (Japanese Macaque) -- One of the most successful and versatile of all primates. Bright, adaptable, versatile, resilient, enterprising, tough and capable of surviving in extreme conditions and taking on all comers. Snow Monkeys have learned to steal purses and wallets and take out the coins use them to buy drinks and snacks from vending machines. While most monkeys are happy swinging in the trees of tropical jungles to the snow monkey living in a chillier clime there is nothing like indulging in a bath in steaming-hot volcanic pools. Like Paul's grandfather in "A Hard Day's Night" he's an over-sexed little villian, but he's very clean.

Moose----Finding that which has been hidden and in acknowledging the truths that have been denied by the soul. Majestic and graceful yet can be big and lumbering. Moving wisely and easily yet can move obtusely and blunder in. Slow to temper, stands up for what they believe in. The primal energies associated with autumn.

Mountain Goat -- Surefootedness, releasing the feelings of guilt, understanding nature energies and spirit beings, seeking new heights

Mountain Lion -- Balancing the mind/body/spirit, lessons of quietness and stealth, learning to be a fair leader and to not to abuse your power, learning to use your power to respond to any situation

Mouse--- A wise animal that quietly gets on with its business and accomplishes its purpose without attracting too much attention. Often you will not know the mouse is even there until you come upon one of its "hidden stashes" of food and supplies. The mouse teaches how to pay attention to the little details which may get overlooked in the eagerness to see the big picture. The mouse is a reminder not to overlook the obvious. Mouse medicine can be both a great strength and a great weakness for while it is good to pay attention to the details, it may be bad to over-analyze every little thing. For a mouse, everything must be in order which is a reminder that even the smallest of creatures is still a vital part of the universe.iThe mouse is anieasilyifrightened creature and it carries the lesson of trying to release the fears that hold one back. Become aware of the whole picture and learn how to attain the great things by working on the little things. Examine life's lessons and be aware of the double meaning in all things.

Mule -- (Jackass) [Infertile offspring of a horse and a donkey] Often it can be stubborn and will rely on its own intelligence, less likely to panic than others, a helpful work companion, a good jumper, bookish, unlike any other

Muskox -- Understanding of how to survive in harsh climates, able to withstand coldness in others and provide warmth and comfort, defense of the vulnerable

Muskrat--- Cunning and stealthy, vicious fighter, unprovoked attack, everyone's dinner, lodge meetings, recycling, home maintenance and neighborhood improvement

Numbat--- The unconscious undergrowth. Energy from daylight. Scrutiny. The social introvert. Beauty in the arid. Caring and being cared for. Threat. Scrub wisdom.

Ocelot -- Regeneration through solitude, connection with physical and spiritual worlds, ability to be in two places at once, clear vision, connection to the unseen, at home in the trees and in the water

Okapi (Forest Giraffe) -- Shy disposition and solitary lifestyle, understanding the present reality and the immediate future, black and white / spirit and form, life lessons relating to polarity

Opossum -- (see: 'Possum')

Orangutan -- Gentleness, connection to the forest spirits, ingenuity in dealing with problems, solitary and secretive, prefers to drink from a cup and sleep in a fine bed, the color red, The OldiMan of the Forest"

Oryx (Gemsbok) -- Keeping a cool head. Preferring a foster family to your own. Ability to get through dry spells and know where and when relief will come [In many cultures, the horns of the Oryx are sought after as charms; in medieval Europe they were sold as unicorn horns.]

Otter--- Living a well-rounded life. Playful, joyful nature, likes games of all sorts, bring laughter wherever they go, letting go of the need to control, surrender to fate. Otter aids the individual in search of joyful expression in life and promotes a harmony between pure play and skillful provision. Native American Totem Animal for "Aquarius"

Sea Otter -- Sea otters are diurnal, but rest during midday. They are fastidious groomers. Sea otters will often raft together in single sex groups; they will also wrap themselves in sea kelp to stop themselves from drifting away when resting. Unlike other marine mammals, it lacks blubber, using fur instead to keep warm, the sea otter also has large kidneys which make it able to drink sea water, though it gets most of its water from its food. It has the densest fur of any in the animal kingdom and the hunting for this fur is one of the primary reasons it is now so threatened. 

Ox -- Hard working and persistent, able to learn and absorb new information, tranquil but impulsive when angry, caring souls, logical, positive, filled with common sense, feet firmly planted on the ground, seeing things as only bad or good

Panda--- Eastern hemisphere connection, understands moving at a careful and slow pace. A solitary lifestyle and happiest when living by themselves. (Relationships can be acquired and maintained but only if a partner respects the need for privacy and sacred space)-Being forced to rely on your own intuition for guidance.-(Although the panda feeds on bamboo its digestive system is that of a carnivore and so the animal is unable to digest cellulose, which is the main constituent of bamboo.) Problems with the digestive system and may indicate a need to adopt a personally designed diet that provides more nutrition. Staring down an opponent in confrontations. Problems with adapting and issues related to fertility.

Red Panda -- Being happiest when the people and community around you is content, introverted but still involved in community ventures, the value of gentleness, tree wisdom, tree related divination., the power of touch, rejuvenation when alone, providing wisdom to a community while remaining apart from it. Studying the healing properties of plants and herbs, play more and worry less.

Panther -- (see: 'Black Panther')

Pig--- They are highly intelligent and know intuitively how to respond to a situation. Pig spirits demand punctuality and dependability, especially at feeding times. Having a need to be in charge of their personal space as any alteration in their routine will upset them. They have a love of companionship with a need to trust. The pig is a universal symbol of wealth and prosperity and a warning to avoid the illusive trappings of the material plane. Among the ancient people of Britain pigs were important and powerful, providing sustenance and knowledge to people. Since pigs were incredibly fertile, people thought that they were from the Gods. In addition, ancient people told stories of how Pigs guided people to hidden knowledge such as the healing waters of Bath, England. Pigs know how to have fun. In the mornings, they root around snorting and grunting to each other while the little piglets run around and play. Later in the day, all the pigs pile next to each other and nap, stretching out in their cool wallow, and snoring in the warm sun. Pigs enjoy themselves and the day. You should learn how to do the same. When the pig appears in your life pay attention to its movement. If it is charging towards you, its time to stop procrastinating and take action in some area of your life. If a pig waddles slowly towards you its time to stop, reflect and listen to the sound of your inner knowing.

Sow--- Symbol of the Crone Goddess, (see: "Earth Mother"), keeper of Earth magick, the wisdom of ancestral mythology, totem of the Sacred Mother

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