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Platypus--- Ability to balance and ground energy currents as they move through the body, inner sight, searching for the deeper meaning of each situation

Porcupine,-- Knows humility, inner innocence, appears scared and defensive, private nature, renewed sense of wonder, create your own path and allow others their path. Porcupine totem teaches you to face vulnerabilities and to protect your inner self. The porcupine also has a curious nature, finding joy in small things life offers. The porcupine person is often a joyful person that is content to take life at a slower pace.

Possum (Opossum) --.An actor who isiversatile in the art of deception and a masteriat non-confrontational problem solving.i Possum has teeth and claws but it rarely uses them preferring to use a cunning strategy for getting out of distasteful or dangerous situations. ("Always have a back-up plan") iThe possum employs a strategic plan of refusing to argue or fight and uses appearances to its advantage and has the ability to project a certain appearance for its own benefit. ("When all else fails; play dead" ) To see a possum indicates that something may not be what it appears to be. You need to dig deep and look for the hidden meaning ofisituations. Possums are born blind and must learn to rely on their other senses to guide them. Possums act as a guide to discovering unseen talents and hidden wisdom and the possum is skilled at uncovering truth as well as lies.-Possum has a short life because so many seek to do it harm.

Brushtail Possum -- The Healer; will come to aid the spirit of those who are ill, especially the young

Flying Possum (Glider) -- Soaring through life.,Being helped and helping others. Tree magic, worship and healing. Marshall your focus. Know your destination. Sharing,your problems and praises. A little dog with a big bark

Pygmy Possum -- Inquisitive and curious natures, social yet feel unnoticed by others, learning how to be more flexible (literally and spiritually), cultivating a love and appreciation of food, understanding patterns and maps, knowing the "right way to go", direction, withdrawal, feeling crowded by noise, working with shapes, symbolism and sacred geometry, conserving energy.

Ringtail Possum--- Sociable creature, shared parenting, marking your territory, you believe your own bullshit

Virginia Opossum -- The Guardian; will give its life to protect those on a spiritual quest

Prairie Dog--- Knowing what is below the surface, communal living and knowing your place within that community, the need for companionship and affectionate touching, a need to eat a lot of vegetables

Pronghorn -- Scent magic, scent wisdom, and using smells to connect to people and places, being fleet of foot, quick on your feet, being highly skilled in a few arenas rather than generally skilled in many arenas, quick wits, being able to see into the heart of the matter, seeing what's going on, being an important communicator within your community. 

Puma (America's Forgotten Cat) -- Driven from eastern North America by a campaign of genocidal hunting; the Puma is an animal spirit representation for the "Trail of Tears" with an ability to maneuver and change direction quickly, a solitary creature that likes its own territory, powerful and graceful it moves like a house cat. Companion on journeys to other worlds. (Pumas 'communicate' with each other by leaving feces, urine and scratches on logs or in the dirt or snow)

Quoll,-- Action, lightning-fast reflexes in all worlds. A call to action. Maintaining your health and hygiene. Be a risk taker and seize the opportunity. Spiritual, physical and emotional opportunity. Be the predator.

Rabbit -- Receiving hidden teachings and intuitive messages. Active around dawn and dusk, (the time of the fairies and fauns), they are guides into the mystical shadow world and it is said that if you follow after it the rabbit will lead you to the fairy realm.,Rabbit is known for its ability to procreate and fearful thoughts will procreate (manifest) into what you fear. Movement by leaps, living by ones own wits, not getting boxed into a corner. Take advantage of opportunities that may present themselves only for a brief moment. Examine the foods you eat and perhaps eat more of a vegetarian diet. The Rabbit is a spirit animal that is extremely open to one on one communication and when approached as an equal it will show great wisdom and guidance.

Rabbit is interpreted in different ways,in different cultures. In China, it is one of the astrological animals and linked to good fortune and the moon. To the Mayans, Rabbit was the scribe who kept the lunar calendar. In Native American tradition, Rabbit is known as the "Fear Caller", due to it projecting its fear of those wishing to eat it, and thereby attracting the predators it fears.

Arctic Hare -- Being willing to do things differently in order to get results, being able to blend in, friendship as a blessing, snow wisdom, using coldness as a way of getting by in the world, freezing others out when necessary, wit and intellect, Arctic wisdom and tundra magic, clashes with wolf energy.

Hare--- Guile, living by one's wits, changing with the seasons, hidden teachings, intuitive messages

Jackrabbit--- Plan for an escape exit, quick-witted, peaceful, pay attention to your surroundings, learn to "freeze" when you want to avoid detection

Snowshoe Hare -- The ultimate planner and evader. You will never catch them off guard, or in a lie, or generally in any position they don't plan on being seen in. They will think of every possible bad outcome of every situation and plan for it. Superb tricksters with tireless planning they can see mischievous results just as they will see beneficial results. If mischief will get them what they desire, then they will resort to trickery.

Raccoon--- Understanding the magical nature of masks. Teaching how to wear masks for many reasons as the need arises. (You can achieve altered states through the use of a mask and you can become something else behind a mask.)-Because of its masked face the raccoon holds the energies of disguise, magic, and secrecy. (When the raccoon appears the many faces of self will be revealed.) Borrower of skills and items; but not a thief; what it borrows it will return or it will exchange something it sees as being of equal worth, materially or spiritually. Strong and muscular the raccoon can hold its ground in most all situations and is a powerful ally. It holds the gift of transformation. Being curious it leaves no stone unturned. (Curiosity can open doorways into new territory, but curiosity applied without caution can lead to trouble.) Raccoons are often seen washing their hands and food in water before eating. (An act of ritual cleansing and purification.) Often a mischief maker and often a bully. Eating more fruit and vegetables may be beneficial to your health.

Ringtail Cat--- (aka Miner's Cat:Miners and settlers once kept the easily tamed ringtails as pets to keep their cabins free of vermin; hence, the name.) Learn from the Ringtail Cat how to climb over obstacles and out of tight situations. Be ready to make a 180 degree change in direction. Alter your speech to fit the situation. Avoid the daylight, stick to your own territory and do not be seen going about your business. A marriage tolerated for the sake of the children.

Ram----A Ram totem is a portent of changes and new beginnings and opportunities. Curiosity and imagination, moving forward on the spiritual path. Ram people are often stoic, sensitive and have great perseverance in maintaining the "Life Force".

Rat--- Can adapt to anything, quick witted and hard working, scavenging when needed, pronounced drive for success, cunning and shrewd, prudence and foresight, ability to live unseen, abundant reproduction, symbol of fertility and wealth, can also be restless and nervous and there is a need to be careful of these traits

Reindeer -- (see: 'Caribou')

Rhinoceros--- The energy of spiritual idealism, the secrets of survival, guardian of ancient wisdom

Russian Desman -- Well equipped for the aquatic life. A gregarious night person who enjoys sniffing out and sharing the pleasures of life.

Sheep--- Comfort and warmth within the group, yet a group that often needs the protection of others. It may be a warning not to become complacent about this protection as those who protect you may have designs of their own upon you. A symbol of innocence, purity, and birth. New beginnings in a guarded peace.

Shrew -- Vicious and vindictive, will stop at nothing to get what they want, nagging, venomous bite, considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians (Horus) and the ancient Chinese who believed it should not be killed as it was a portent of wealth

Skunk--- The most misunderstood of all wild animals. A powerful totem with mystical and magical associations. (The stripe running from the head to the tail of the skunk is linked to the creative life force within and the skunk symbolizes the creative energy to manifest desired results.) Fearless, but very peaceful. (It will give warning by raising its tail and stomping its feet before responding to a confrontation.) Learn to recognize a warning.(The use of fragrances will elicit dynamic responses in those the skunk encounters.) Skunk's lesson is to balance the ability to draw and repel people.iRespectful and worthy of respect the skunk is a guide to learning to be carefully judgmental and respond to threats with only necessary force.iWhen fear is overcome the skunk can be a loving companion. When skunk appears as a totem you are going to have opportunities to bring out new respect and self esteem. It indicates lessons and times associated with increased sensuality physically, sexually, psychically, and spiritually. Examine your self-image. Remember that people are going to notice you. How they see you can be controlled by you.

Sloth--- Wisdom associated with moving slowly and the positive side of laziness. Being at one with the tree spirits and learning from seeing the world upside down. Ability to see all that is above, below and around them symbolizing a link to the realm of psychic visions. Good swimmers in their own emotional waters and can stay underwater, (immersed in their emotions), if threatened. Rebellious when their independence is threatened and relationships can be challenged when personal space is taken away. A weakenediability to ward off illness and strengthening of the immune system can benefit the overall health.

Solenodon -- Symbolizes a shrewish behavior and one who uses a poisonous mouth to climb to the top

Springbok -- Exuberance, sprinting, joy of life, social structure, proper use of wetlands

Squirrel -- The power of gathering and preparing for the future. Conserving energy and resources without being cluttered with things accumulated from the past (worries and fears). Preparing for disasters and knowing what is needed to survive. Try not to be erratic and forgetful. Do not be distracted by chatter, take time to stop and listen and don't forget to take time to play. Being at one with the trees.

Black Squirrel--- A change in the racial makeup of a group or a society. (In Choctaw mythology, solar eclipses were attributed to black squirrels eating the luminary, and they must be driven off if mankind were still to enjoy the heat and light.)

Flying Squirrel -- Up all night and out all winter, solitary in good times and communal in bad times, keeps a full pantry, paratrooper

Stag -- (see under: 'Deer')

Tapir--- Being at peace, seclusion and quietness, fierce when cornered

Tasmanian Devil--- The scar bearer. Brutal honesty bordering on tactlessness. Telling others what you think of them. Standing up for yourself. Inability to forgive. Anger as therapy. Primal scream therapy. The wisdom of aggression.

Tenrec -- (Tenrecs have evolved into more distinct forms than any other family of animals) Capable of passing oneself off as other than they are. Someone who may not be what they seem or someone you may have misjudged to be other than they are.

Tiger--- Being in the Now! Symbol of the New Moon, working its magick through the night, new adventures of passion and power, feminine energy and a mothering nature, strength through determination and inner power. If the,Tiger enters your life new adventures are almost certainly close by. New passion and power will stir inside of you. iYour best work will happen in the night.

White Tiger--- Seeker of personal truth, having the power and strength of conviction, living simultaneously in the realms of both shadow and light

The 5 Mystic Tigers

The red tiger is south, summer and fire

The black tiger is the symbol of north, winter and water

The blue tiger is east, spring and vegetation

The white tiger is west, autumn and all metals

The yellow tiger is ruler of the Earth and its energies

Vole --'Seeing life beneath it's surface appearance'and getting to the root of the problem. Keeping even small things hidden can be very destructive.

Wallaby -- "The Law-Keeper" The wisdom of structure., Stang and staff wisdom. Plant wisdom. Sacred drumming. Water conservation. Introversion and quietude. Indigenous wisdom. Family and hierarchy. Assessing obstacles instinctively. Lessons in the mundane.

Warthog -- Likes living in the dry climates and out on the open plains, preferring to move into the homes others have built rather than building their own. Having a skin condition or other malady that might benefit from mud bath treatments.

Waterbuck -- Using water as protection, non-territorial, connection to swamps, care for the aged

Water Buffalo -- (see: 'Buffalo')

Weasel--- Imparts the ability to see beneath the surface of things to what the actual intent and meaning is. Weasels signify people who are willing to hear the divine word, but then do nothing with what they have heard. Learn to develop your sense of inner hearing and to pay attention to your inner voice.

Wildebeest -- (see: 'Gnu')

Wolf--- The Wolf's Spirit represents the way of find the deepest levels of self, of inner knowing and intuition. The Great Teacher and Pathfinder for the human spirit it is the heart of the wilderness. The wolf howling at the Moon is the symbol of the night. It is the revealer of hidden secrets and talents. An extremely gregarious animal, enjoying the company of others, wolves mate for life. Wolf teaches how to find balance between the needs of the family and that there doesn't need to be a separation between the solitary and social paths. Wolf's teachings includes death and rebirth, facing death with dignity and courage, guidance in dreams and meditations, instinct linked with intelligence, social and family values, skill in protection of self and family, the outwitting of enemies, the ability to pass unseen and the taking advantage of change.iNative American Totem Animal for "Pisces"

She-wolf -- In mythology, the She-wolf is a universal goddess symbol of the protecting foster mother. With her connection to the Moon she is another aspect of the Triple Goddess. She protects, nurtures and guides her "children" to see the World through her eyes. She teaches us to honor the feminine principle.

Arctic Wolf--- The power of manifestation, resilience and determination, determination and stamina, resistance to change

Gray Wolf -- The Shape-Shifter, adaptation and regeneration, loyalty and guardianship, the growth of mysticism

Red Wolf -- Creations flame, compassion and innocence, a unique transformation, a forced change

Wolverine--- Revenge, understanding aggression, standing your ground, fierceness. Wolverine is seen as a trickster figure much like coyote or raven. He often shows attributes of rudeness, gluttony, or sexual impropriety. The difference being that he does not usually get the rewards of his tricks.

Wombat--- Dig beneath the surface to acquire the resources needed for change, not easily intimidated, frolicsome and will play with what seems like inexhaustible energy

Woodchuck -- (see: 'Groundhog')

Yak -- Ancient wisdom, higher being and understanding, self doubt, lack of emotional control

Zebra--- Indecisive, hidden aspects, confuses others, can be emotionally up or down and rarely in between

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